4 promotion chips in Instagram

Social networks are a good thing! They allow you to communicate, read news, share opinions, show your ideas, and self-actualize. Not everyone can be proud of the high popularity on Instagram.  How can this be fixed? Read this article.

Of course, it is clear that competition in

Instagram is big, and if someone is new, it will not be easy to get popular on Instagram and get to the top. But if you have the desire, patience and diligence – everything will work out!


1. Yes or no advertising?

2. Intriguing question + tips

3. Chips of the reference tape

4.  Flashmob

5. Live broadcast

6. Try to be in the right place at the right time.

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Yes or no advertising?

Many people use paid advertising for success. This is not exactly an ineffective method (on the contrary, it brings a lot of fame), but it will take a lot of money. But you can do without paid services! But if you still decide to use paid services, then you should know that the average rating of likes under blog posts affects the prices.

Videos are always active and popular. You can even take pictures based on your mood: the day spent, important events in your life, trips to interesting places, excursions… In the video, be yourself! Believe me, the subscribers feel when you speak from the heart and your emotions are true. And here is a list of recommended video edit app for Instagram: JayCut, Stupeflix, InShot, etc.

Intriguing question + tips

Should you switch to a business profile on Instagram? This is your personal decision and initiative. But if you want to develop your Instagram promotion earlier (i.e. reach monetization), then you should go. It’s just better to separate your personal page from your work page. If it is a profile of your company, it seems that personal photos, displays of flowers, Pets will be inappropriate.

I advise you to study the blog:

1) the number of subscriptions is not your indicator. You may have several thousand subscriptions, but no activity. First of all, it is important to create engagement of subscribers: to develop their interest, to please them with new interesting publications. You can do instructive reviews or write texts under posts on useful topics (for example, how to update Instagram).

2) to View the audience. If the blog is about photos, drawings, then, accordingly, most of the audience is likely to be occupied by photographers, people who are engaged in art, graphics, and illustrations…

3) Subscribe to relevant blogs and pages. There is a chance that these people will subscribe to you.

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Chips of the reference tape

The feed will not be interesting if it contains only one photo, video, story, or text. You need to update everything and build it correctly. The Instagram page and its publications should look “catchy”, “intriguing”, “high-quality”.


In Instagram, interactive is becoming popular. Add an interest to your feed. Arrange a flash mob. For example, a blogger shares his idea, while others support it. Let’s say it’s a flashmob “where you are at the moment”. All subscribers post their photos or stories. You can create a unique custom hashtag.

Live broadcast

The reader is not interested in reading the same type of content every day. You need to warm up the audience with your personal video! If you are open, fun, confident, you can not hesitate to show your type of recreation, home leisure, your friends (if they do not mind). Why not?

It’s a good idea to post short video tutorials. A radio host can briefly show how the broadcast is going. Florists can show you how to make a bouquet at home. You understand the meaning.

Try to be in the right place at the right time

How is that? Try to be a member of some mass, unique event or event, club. Not all events have a separate personal page for news. Usually, to attract interest, the news comes from companies to popular bloggers, who then spread it to others. Moreover, it is very active and attracted.

Why not become such a blogger? After all, it will benefit both yourself and others! You can pick up a lot of impressions by visiting the event and, perhaps, in addition, meet with subscribers, get gifts, attract new followers.

Meet a public person. Arrange an interview with him, ask a question of the day, discuss what is happening, or give some assessment of something. You can work with a well-known person (an actor, singer, or other bloggers) to do something. For example, show followers winter life hacks: how to have fun at home or on the street, what salads can be prepared with minimal cost, where to buy a dress at a low price, while fully matching your taste.

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Don’t watch “Omar in the big city” on YouTube (interesting short videos)? It tells about the arrival of a hero in Moscow. He meets different personalities, gets into different incidents and jokes. What do you think this is for? You can also try to shoot interesting humorous or life vaines, surveys, and gain views. For videos, you can attract close relatives, spouses, friends, or even simple strangers. More humor! The audience will appreciate it.

Buy branded items from stock and analyze them. Express your opinion about the dress, suit, shoes. Share what you can wear this or that thing with. What color does it match best? In what weather is it better to wear? Praise the fabric, the tailoring, the craftsman. Or you can, on the contrary, tell us about the negative aspects of buying in stores and services. In General, talk about what is painful.

There is no universal recipe for PR on Instagram. Here are the related points: courage, creativity, outrage, interest, passion for ideas, theoretical knowledge, creativity, intelligence.

Try to apply all the chips and see the result!  Good luck!