5 Helpful Tips on How to Increase ER on Instagram

The engagement algorithms made many people think about how to get likes and comments on Instagram. Today you will learn how to increase ER, without buying activity. By the way, to implement some of the options it will be enough to spend 15 minutes.


  • Feedback
  • Comments contest
  • Competition for the most active follower
  • Announcement of posts in Stories
  • Perfect time for posts


Followers love when their opinion is taken into account. This is especially advantageous if you do not need to study additional information and the comment will take a little time. Ask your questions directly in the posts:

  • Find out what is best to do – hold a promotion or give small gifts
  • Ask what the followers think about the last news or events
  • Ask for the advice by describing your situation in detail
  • Ask a question on a topic. For example, how followers feel about alcohol or what they hear in the morning first

The main thing is to ask questions on the subject of the account. Discussing promotions, sales, etc. will be relevant for the small businesses, and an ordinary blogger can ask people’s opinions regarding some event.

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Comments contest

Using an app for likes on Instagram is no longer relevant. Offer your audience to participate in a comments contest and give some useful gift. The scheme is simple: the prize will be played among the people who left a comment. Then you can determine the winner with the help of a special service, such as Giveaway.

Also in the conditions of the competition, you can specify that they need to put like and follow you. This will maximize your engagement (ER).

Competition for the most active follower

Being active for a certain time is much more difficult than just unsubscribing in the comments. Accordingly, in the contest there should be a valuable prize. As an example, it can be a good discount on products, jewelry, etc.


  • Likes;
  • Comments;
  • Saves;
  • Tagging friends, etc.

The main thing is to write in the conditions by which criterion the winner will be selected. Of course, it’s impossible to observe all the participants, so the corresponding services will help to see the exact statistics.

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Announcement of posts in Stories

Stories are watched by far more people than ordinary posts, since they are on top of the feed. So why not to warn your followers about the next post? Tell them what the post will come soon with:

  • a contest;
  • description of new products;
  • interesting research.

The main thing is the value of the material. Followers will then actively follow your account and this will increase the engagement.

Perfect time for posts

If the post will be carried out at the appropriate time, then the probability of getting more response to them will increase significantly. You can determine the statistics yourself, simply by analyzing the posts for a certain period of time (week, month, year).

It is also possible to use a special service that will look at your account statistics and determine the optimal time for posts.

By performing simple actions, you can increase your ER on your account several times. Everything is simple and, what is more important, legal. Finally, one more tip – clean the account from bots, they reduce the engagement %.