All about Instagram videos

In recent years, a large number of Instagram accounts have appeared that publish only video content. Some of them try to upload YouTube video to Instagram, others create original content and use it to develop their profile: buy ads, arrange collaborations, and select best time to post video on Instagram. This trend is associated with the growing popularity of the social network, as well as the fact that more and more users prefer to get acquainted with information through this service. In addition, the latest innovations allow you to implement such cool features how to add song to Instagram video and much more with the built-in editor.


  • Secrets of popularity in Instagram
  • Video content on Instagram
  • Entertainment videos
  • DIY tips
  • Huskies
  • Promotion of profile
  • Conclusion

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Secrets of popularity in Instagram

Today, in order to become a popular blogger on Instagram, there is no need to make a special effort. It may seem strange, but you can get even a million audience in a year of quite active work. It is enough to publish really interesting content two or three times a day. However, modern tools do not oblige you to create this content yourself. This can be downloaded videos from other hosting sites, slicing and much more. This approach has given life to a lot of existing Instagram accounts, which have gained a huge audience and now live by advertising integrations (they, I must say, cost a lot of money). However, what specific tips can be highlighted to make the account really attractive to other users?

First you need to decide on the subject. If you publish cuts from streams, you do not need to dilute them with random videos with animals. Users who subscribe for a certain type of content have a very negative attitude to the publication of videos that do not correspond to the subject.

Special attention should be paid to working with the audience. Regular contests for subscribers, interactive stories, drawings. This allows you to increase user engagement, as well as a positive effect on the statistics and growth of the channel. In addition, high engagement is a guarantee that the content will be shown to other users who are not yet your subscribers.

Also, we must not forget about the relationship with other channels. At least once a week, but it is necessary to agree on mutual reposts to ensure the flow of fresh audience. At the same time, take into account the theme of the channels: if your channel has a theme — programming, and the second — divination by the stars, then most likely your audience has nothing in common. Your users will simply not be interested in the content that appears, just as they will not be interested in the user of the second channel.

Video content on Instagram

There are many videos on Instagram. Users publish some videos from their lives, someone creates short cartoons, and someone purposefully shoots videos exclusively for Instagram. In this area, you can make good money through advertising. Advertisers often order ads for a particular product from popular bloggers. At the same time, the cost of such integration can be several hundred thousand rubles.

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Entertainment videos

One of the most popular trends today — short funny videos. Such content is easy to consume while the subscriber is driving in the car or on the subway. It is not distracting, it is easy to perceive. This direction today is the most promising, but at the same time the most competitive. In order to interest the user, it is not enough just to publish funny videos. You need to think about the process of shooting, find good equipment, and think about the scenario of each video. Only with this approach can you achieve success in this area.

DIY tips

Another direction is DIY or Do It Yourself. These are videos in which you yourself, with your own hands, make some actions: repair the apartment, plan, create clothes, decorative items, furniture. Today, this trend is very popular in Instagram, but really high-quality content is not enough. In this regard, with proper preparation, success awaits even novice bloggers, without any audience.


All content on Instagram is rated with likes. There are several traditional ways to increase their number. For example, you can get a large number of likes if you ask users about it: at the end of each video, you can ask people to put a like under this publication. In addition, you can publish small games in which the heart displayed on the screen becomes part of a picture that motivates the user to put a like.

The promotion of profile

In order to make a profile more popular, you need to understand the basic information about how this popularity is considered. There are several key indicators in Instagram: likes, subscribers, views. Most users and account owners are diligently typing numbers for each of the indicators, carefully selecting all publications. However, even this is not a guarantee of success. There is a universal method that allows you to get an explosive growth of the channel for a small money investment: just use the All-SMM service and wind up any of the key indicators. You can simultaneously get a lot of followers, increase the number of likes and views on videos.

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In conclusion, it is worth saying that video on Instagram today is a fairly competitive market. However, it can still be accessed because it is still developing. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that such a situation will not be eternal: tomorrow all popular and interesting video blogging directions will take popular channels and it will be very difficult for novice creators of high-quality content to develop their own blog.