An Instagram Account For Your Cat

Recently, personal accounts for pets appear on the social networks very often. Most often they can be found on Instagram and YouTube. Western accounts are much more popular – in Russia this idea has not yet found such a response. However, being the first is always a big risk, so why not to take the risk?


  • Creating a personal account for your cat
  • Telling about the cat’s life
  • Funny moments
  • Work with the audience
  • Conclusion

Creating a personal account for your cat

As you know, cats have paws, which means that using a smartphone and creating an account on their own would be an extremely difficult task. Therefore, this has to be done by yourself. Simultaneously with Instagram, it can be posted in other social networks. For example, create an account on YouTube and post video compilation. This will also allow to post YouTube video on Instagram, which will attract new users and increase traffic. You should also get acquainted with the authors of other similar channels and agree on mutual PR. You will learn how to add link to Instagram post, that will lead to the page of another account; or place a link to another account in your description. Another user does the same thing, which increases the number of followers for both authors.

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Telling about the cat’s life

The main task of such an entertaining account is to tell users about the life of your cat. Provide some cases and moments in such a way that they seem attractive. And this means that the best strategy in this matter is posting from the first person. For example, you can tell how you (the cat) wanted to play a ball at 5 am, but the owner got angry for some reason. Or a story about how the owner goes hunting every day and brings home food bags.

Funny moments

You will also need some diligence in working with the camera. You will take photos of your cat in various poses trying to capture the most ridiculous moments from his life. A smartphone with a good camera is not enough, the best idea is to buy a tripod with a stabilization function – this is expensive, but it will increase the quality of the video several times.

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Work with the audience

Since the cat has a lot of free time, you will have to work with the audience. Actively communicate with them in the comments. The account is entertaining, so try to joke a lot. Follow popular memes about cats and try to implement them with your own pet. All this will allow to get a loyal and numerous audience. In addition, personal pet accounts are a great way to make small money on advertising. You can gain an audience with the help of services specializing on promotion, for example All-SMM. This will allow to get the first followers and save time during the launch phase of the project.


It should be noted that there are quite a few such accounts in the Russian segment of Instagram. And the existing ones do not differ with the special quality of the content. Here you can play with it by posting only the high-quality content.