Direct on Instagram: How to Use It?

Everyone knows that Instagram is an app for sharing photos. Users from all over the world can upload a variety of photos and videos to their accounts. Many people are looking for popularity in the app and therefore want to find the best app for Instagram likes. Others use Instagram to communicate, because here one can have a full correspondence in Direct.


  • Direct: what is it?
  • Benefits
  • Life hacks in Direct
  • How to use it?
  • Communication in Direct

Direct: what is it?

The Direct function appeared five years ago. Thanks to its existence, users can keep personal conversations between each other right on Instagram. This feature is available to users for free. Each registered account has the ability to send a message to a friend.


This function has a lot of advantages. First, due to the presence of Direct, one can communicate on Instagram without any restrictions. Previously, users could only exchange comments in sight of other users, now they can do it in the personal correspondence. Secondly, if your photos gain 20 likes on Instagram, then you have an opportunity to chat with the owners of popular accounts. So, you can learn the secrets of success from them. One of the advantages lies in the fact that you can send your favorite photos, videos and stories to your friends. In addition, it is possible to send personal photos and emoticons.

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Life hacks in Direct

With the help of Direct it is possible to conduct correspondence not only with one person. If you wish, you can create a chat with all your friends. There you can exchange messages, photos or Stories with other users. If you wish, you can configure notifications, block some users. It is possible to install a special application on a computer and use the correspondence function not only from a mobile phone. So, you will always be in touch.

One of the interesting life hacks is that messages are deleted automatically after a while. Thus, users can send their photos to friends or relatives, after viewing such photos immediately disappear. This is done for the other person not to have a chance to save a photo.

How to use it?

To use the Direct feature, just go to Instagram. On the main page you will see a paper airplane icon in the upper left corner. Tapping it gets you to Direct, where you can start chatting with other users. If you receive a message, the airplane icon will be highlighted with blue and you will see a number that indicates the number of new messages.

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Communication in Direct

Due to the presence of Direct, Instagram can be a full-fledged platform for communication for you. Through Direct users can communicate with each other instantly.

Instagram, in fact, can replace other social networks. The communication function is indispensable in any application. So, Direct, which appeared on Instagram five years ago, made this social network even more popular and attracted new users.