How to Increase Instagram Engagement

New posts do not collect likes? Coverage and engagement have dropped? Perhaps the thing is in bots. The article tells how to make the account active again!


1. Possible reasons for the decline in activity

2. Cheating bots

3. How to motivate the audience?

3.1. Viral content

3.2. Engaging posts

Possible reasons for the decline in activity

Instagram is one of the most promising social networks that release updates almost daily. Characterized by an intensive pace of development and modernization, it strives in every way to improve the internal system and establish the work of smart algorithms. High quality generated content is the key value of the app. On the way to its achievement, various mechanisms appear being designed to track and block fraud – cheating likes, comments, followers, etc. Hence the question – why are there so many thot bots on Instagram if the app administration is fighting against them?

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The reasons for this are many. The most common is that users specifically artificially create accounts so that later with their help they simulate activity on their page. Unfortunately, such manipulations are easy to get punished for. The most significant penalty is the shadow ban. Hiding your entries from showing by hashtag or location, it significantly reduces coverage, does not allow to increase engagement.

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Cheating bots

Today we can say with confidence: any unverified apps and cheat programs can permanently “kill” your account. However, a decrease in activity is far from the worst case scenario. Malicious violators of the rules of the social network can even get into a ban, permanently lose access to their account. Thus, the only way to get started and become popular is to work on the quality of the content and use the “white” promotion methods, for example, set special hashtags to get followers.

How to motivate the audience?

So, suppose you decide to abandon mechanical boosting and would like to take the blog to the top on your own. What to do? The detailed step-by-step algorithm is below!

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Viral content

As the practice shows, short and meaningless, but memorable videos are best working for the audience. If you want to create a really cool post that will scatter across a social network and collect a million reposts, consider the following nuances:

• Recognition – people should recognize themselves in the post, understand the problem raised. In other words, you need to find some kind of “pain”.

• Originality – unfortunately, nowadays everyone chooses to borrow and re-shoot the same thing. Want to stand out from the crowd? Do something original and unique.

• Humor – of course, you need to subtly joke.

If your imagination is very tight, you can adopt something from the colleagues.

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Engaging posts

Absolute SMM classic! For a post to arouse a desire to put like or share a comment, it must be catchy and attract attention. In this regard, a variety of games and quizzes, storytelling work well.

Summing up all of the said above, we can conclude that only boost services alone will not help gain popularity on Instagram. The only way to get a live audience is to generate the high-quality content.