How to Raise Instagram Views

Do you write cool catchy texts? Do you spend a lot of time processing photos and videos, but is your coverage and engagement still not growing? Our secrets and life hacks will help correct the situation, increase the attendance of the blog!


1. Preparing the account


3. Useful tips and tricks

3.1. Situational content

3.2. Viral content

3.2. Trends

Preparing the account

Still wondering how to become Instagram famous? The first step is to correctly set up an account in accordance with current trends. Since the visual component is especially important for the social network, you must develop a unique and original style that would stand out against the background of millions of other pages of the same type.

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So, what specific actions will help get video views for Instagram?

• Come up with a relevant title – sonorous, capacious, reflecting the theme of the blog.

• Make up a header – a description from 140 to 150 characters, with the active use of emoticons, only relevant and important information (who you are, what you do, why to follow you).

• Prepare a block of highlight Stories – you need bright and eye-catching templates, sonorous names.

• Choose the style for the feed – will it be a complex collage or geometric layout? Or maybe a classic posting with certain presets? There are a lot of options.

However, all of the above are basic actions. And so the question of how to get video views on Instagram remains open. We will try to find the answer below.


Instagram is one of the most actively developing social networks. Any additional options and innovations appear almost daily here. Relatively recently, the IGTV service was launched in the app, initially positioned as a future alternative to YouTube. Of course, it was not possible to fully implement the plan (it is difficult to compete with the largest video hosting). However, the site management is not discouraged, continuing to promote the new tool in every way.

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This attitude explains the rather loyal algorithms that allow to quickly display downloaded videos in the top. So, what is the action plan to collect the maximum number of views?

• Upload the video to IGTV.

• Share it in the feed.

These manipulations give the opportunity to get views from both your followers and people who do not know about the blog. The social network will independently display the video in their feed, offering to continue viewing the page.

Useful tips and tricks

IGTV really shows your videos to a large number of users. However, they are invited to see only the first fifteen seconds. How to make a person want to watch to the end and visit the profile?

Situational content

Make simple and clear videos on current and relevant topics. The fresher is the news item, the better. People like to discuss the latest news, so raise the acute problems in the best possible way.

Viral content

Sticky content is another win-win option. It seems it will always be popular. Where to get ideas for inspiration? You can borrow some from foreign bloggers.

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Another important aspect is to take into account fashion trends. So, for example, today in a trend are:

• vintage commercials in the spirit of the nineties;

• gradient transitions in the style of TikTok;

• subtitles (not all include sound);

• shooting in the backstage;

• variety of visual effects.

Summing up all of the said above, we can conclude that it is very important to develop your own style and taste. Only being original and unique, you can be remembered and gain recognition.