Instagram and Business Opportunities

At the times of Facebook‘s formation no one could even imagine that similar social networks would become one of the main sources of sales for both small and medium businesses. First of all it concerns, of course, Instagram, which is the main advertising platform for selling personal goods. The most interesting thing about this is that the promotion does not even require any kind of bright advertising. Sometimes, a relatively cheap Instagram followers boost can be more efficient than open advertising in traditional media.

Some statistics about the platform itself

  • About 50% of global brands have verified Instagram accounts;
  • Over 75% users are active consumers of products advertised on the platform;
  • The average age of the audience varies between 18 and 24 years old.

Instagram profile development basics: two ways

It’s worth saying that businessmen don’t have to give up all their business in order to learn how to grow Instagram followers organically or promote their business themselves. Such tasks today are quite successfully fulfilled by the companies focused on providing services in the field of SMM. For a relatively small fee, they help to promote a new profile as soon as possible. Thanks to this an unknown yesterday brand could easily become the most fashionable trend-setter this season.

However, it is useful to find out how to promote Instagram and without the commercial Instagram promotion services of various organizations and services. In the end, using their assistance on an ongoing basis may be just unprofitable. The correct approach is the implementation of SMM campaigns aimed at achieving certain results from time to time. For example, to increase the audience to the certain number or to draw attention to any new product.