Instagram as the Main Tool of Marketing Policy

How and by what means has Instagram become one of the most effective advertising tools? How to get a ton of likes on Instagram? Read about this and other interesting facts.


  • Benefits of using Instagram for business
  • How to promote your account on Instagram

Benefits of using Instagram for business

When using an Instagram account, the company gets an opportunity to promote its brand to the masses. Opening an Instagram account is the first step, and in order for the page to fully justify itself and start paying dividends to its owners, it must become popular. One of the KPI account indicators is the growth of the audience of followers, and as a result, the increase in the number of likes. Here arises the question of how to get more likes on Instagram posts.

The number of followers, as well as likes, grows when the page content becomes interesting for the followers. This interest must be constantly heated, giving its followers “bread and circuses.” If the information about the sold goods is not a dull enumeration of obvious advantages, but an interesting presentation of the goods, and of the company as a whole. A page that becomes more individual will be popular. This happens through photos and videos published on their page, and, thereby, the relationship between the company and customers becomes more personal. For this purpose, posting photos and videos of employees, their workdays, customer reviews, reports of upcoming events is used. This approach allows to get a large number of likes under the posts.

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Depending on the direction of the brand, it is worth publishing useful information about the products and services provided. The audience will consider the account as a page where they can get a lot of useful information about the company’s products or services.

Using the “survey” function, it is possible to have an idea about the company’s work, and most importantly, to find out the opinion of potential customers, consumers about the company’s services, products in the feed, find out customers’ preferences and wishes. All the information obtained is used to expand the range of the company, improve the existing services, products.

In Stories, one can add external links, and this feature is used by the companies to redirect users from an Instagram page to the company’s official website.

Instagram account is actively used by the companies to increase sales. On the official page they share information about the upcoming sales, new products and services. Here an important role is played by a beautiful presentation of information. Bright photos, videos, as well as advertising in the form of mini-films of famous Instagram bloggers helps a lot.

Stories is one of the great features of Instagram. These are short videos or photos fixed in the header of the account and most importantly, they are always in sight. Most often they are used to publish answers to the questions from the followers of the page, announce the upcoming events, and hold various contests. Summarizing all the mentioned above, it becomes clear that Stories are used to attract new audience and increase customer loyalty to the company’s products.

Instagram is a great place to find new partners and like-minded people. Mutual advertising, for example, in Stories will be attractive to the companies, and will lead to an increase in audience, an increase in likes, clicks.

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How to promote your Instagram account

The rate of popularity of an Instagram account directly depends on the number of likes, clicks, reposts and comments.

One of the main tools for promoting the Instagram page are the hashtags. Potential followers can find accounts and follow them by hashtags added to a photo or video.

To promote a brand’s page, follow like-minded people, comment and like the followers of your page, create Stories, publish interesting photos and videos and, of course, constantly maintain feedback with your target audience.

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