Likes and Comments: How they Affect the Rating of an Instagram Account

Many people believe Instagram promotions not working when they promote their account themselves. But this is not like this. Anyone can become popular on Instagram, if you make some efforts and take enough time to promote Instagram account. It’s important to know how to share a blog on Instagram in order to attract new followers. Instagram is not only an app for publishing personal photos and videos, but also a good way to earn money. But the activity on the page is of great importance. And even 20 likes on Instagram help to increase the popularity of the account.


• What affects rating on Instagram

• Why likes on Instagram are so important

• What is better: comments or likes to promote an Instagram account

• Is it possible to promote an account for free?

• The most effective way to promote an Instagram account

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What affects rating on Instagram

The rating on this social network is influenced by several indicators: likes, comments, reposts, mentioning of the account owner in the profiles of other users. The higher is the activity on the page, the higher is the Instagram account rating. Therefore, many bloggers who want to make money on this social network urge their followers to be active in their profile. Each indicator is of great importance for the page promotion on this social network.

Why likes on Instagram are so important

Likes are the ratings of Instagram posts. Other users can put hearts to the post, showing that they like it. Likes are not only a way of expressing the attitude towards the publication, but also an indicator of the Instagram account rating. Recently, the administration of Instagram allowed to hide likes from other users. But in the settings, you can set that all ratings for the posts will be visible to everyone. Even if the likes are hidden from prying eyes, this does not mean that they will not affect the increase in the rating of the account.

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What is better: comments or likes to promote an Instagram account

Comments and likes, are also very important for increasing the rating on Instagram. Absolutely any comment, even an emoji or a single word, helps to increase the activity on the page. Some account holders remove negative comments from followers, but do not do this, since the number of comments affects Instagram account rating. But if you compare comments and likes, usually the second option is gaining more popularity. Since putting a heart is much faster than coming up with any comment.

Is it possible to promote an account for free?

Of course, any novice businessman wants to invest minimum in the promotion of the business. This rule applies to all inexperienced bloggers. On Instagram, a profile can be promoted for free, using only your own efforts and spending personal time on this. But you need to understand that free methods will not lead to quick earning. Experienced bloggers are advised to make at least minimal investments in the promotion of their account in order to start earning income as soon as possible. But if you don’t feel like investing at all, you can try to use a free app for cheating likes and comments, sending out messages to other users with an invitation to become a follower or arrange regular contests and prize giveaways.

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The most effective way to promote an Instagram account

Bloggers who already earn money on this social network advise to contact experienced account promotion specialists. There are special services that help inexperienced Instagrammers increase the activity on the page. For example, the All-SMM service, whose popularity is growing every day. The cost of promoting an account is very affordable, in addition, all costs pay off quickly after an account becomes popular.

The popularity of Instagram is growing every day, and any user has the opportunity to start making money on this social network. Even though the number of well-known bloggers continues growing. The main thing is to find your own way to promote your account on Instagram.