Popularity on TikTok: New Trends

Nowadays, TikTok is one of the most popular and fast-growing social networks. This is a Chinese service for posting videos. A huge number of users publish Tik Tok funny videos daily. All of them get a lot of views and attract attention.

• New trends
• E-Girl – What is it?
• What is needed for promoting your account?
• More views
• Growth of followers
• Professional promotion

New trends

To understand how the latest trends affect the development of the social network, let’s consider the main characteristics of TikTok trends. Not that long ago, at the time of the rise of TikTok, videos with the music from the 80-s and 90-s were very popular. People were dancing to the hits of their youth (and more often to the hits of their parents’ youth) and published this content. Now the situation has changed and more often you would run into the videos with bright girls and guys. They dance to the electronic music.

E-Girl – What is it?

Such electronic music lovers call themselves E-Girls and E-Boys, depending on gender. E girl Tik Tok makeup is in bright colors: dark lipstick, pink mascara. There are no requirements for clothing – it can be both in dark and in soft, pastel colors. Many girls decorate their faces with piercing: pierce noses, eyebrows, lips. The music requirements for E girl Tik Tok music are not that specific, however, electronic music can be identified as the main direction in general.

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What is needed for promoting your account?

To get a large number of followers and views, you need to regularly publish interesting and high-quality content in the social network. You can do this by selecting interesting details: shooting in unusual places, great makeup, extravagant clothes. You can also use the internal tools to advertise and promote your account.

More views

To ensure the growth of views’ number, it is necessary to improve the quality of published content. At the same time, the content should also be relevant. For example, if today E-Girls are very popular, create a video on this topic. Also, you should carefully consider the selection of musical compositions – it should be either well-known hits that have proved themselves in time, or popular new ones.

Growth of followers

In addition to views, it is important to keep in mind the steady growth of followers. You can ensure this by publishing new content regularly. In addition, it is important to constantly communicate with your followers. This way, you will show your interest in the growing audience.

Professional promotion

The most efficient way to create a popular account and not to lose much time is to use the help of professionals in promotion of accounts in the social networks. For example, All-SMM offer comprehensive promotion not only on TikTok, but also in other social networks. The service will ensure a stable growth of your account.

Today we have discussed the basics of the influence of trends on the formation of popular TikTok account. We hope that this information will be useful for development of your account.