Quizzes and Polls on Instagram

Today, in order to get more views on Instagram, it’s not enough to upload some photos and Stories. Followers want to feel involved in the content you post. That is why lately, the function of creating polls, which effectively helps to get views on Instagram, has become very popular.


  • Quizzes and polls on Instagram: what is it?
  • Features quizzes and polls
  • Benefits
  • How to use polls and quizzes
  • Survey ideas

Quizzes and polls on Instagram: what is it?

Thanks to this feature, account owners can create polls for their followers in the application. This allows followers to share their opinion with you. You can have advice with your friends, relatives and acquaintances. The difference between the survey and the quiz is that there is a correct answer in the quiz that users should tap on it. In the poll, the ordinary voting is held.

Features quizzes and polls

The function of creating polls is quite simple. There is nothing superfluous in the function. The quiz can be published in a Story. Followers can vote in a poll 24 hours after publishing the quiz. After the time expires, the survey ends. You can follow the voting in real time, and after it finishes to see the result.

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The feature of adding surveys to Instagram Stories has certain advantages. Therefore, each account owner who wishes to maintain contact with the audience should use this feature. The first benefit concerns the user engagement. By asking questions from the audience, you maintain active contact with them. The second advantage is that you can also understand the audience better by asking, for example, questions regarding the content improvement.

How to use polls and quizzes

Posting a survey is quite simple. To do this, you need to start creating a Story and attach the appropriate sticker. Then you can come up with the necessary question and answer options. If this is a quiz, you should also choose the correct answer.

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Survey ideas

You can come up with absolutely any question for your followers. It all depends on your imagination. For example, you can ask the followers about whether this or that outfit suits you. You can, for example, ask for help to choose what to see or where to go.
If you create a quiz, then you can come up with a question on erudition. If you are a blogger, you can ask questions about your biography and find out how well your followers know you. If you are a company, ask questions about your field of activity.