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In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about durags, so you can wear one confidently whether you wear it for fashion or function. When you look at the history of durags, they carry a lot of weight on top of being a fashion piece. Durags, sometimes known as do-rags, have a long and somewhat of a dark history. However, due to some negative stigma connected to durags, the NFL banned players from wearing them (as well as bandanas) in 2001 to “improve the image” of players. And while this negative stigma would hold for a while, things started to change during the early nineteen-hundreds. The Black Power Movement played an integral role in how the durag made a “statement.” Over the decades that followed, the durag remained popular in some parts of the country and in groups, while falling out of style in others. Wearing a durag helps keep long hair out of the way when moving around. This helps to distribute the force evenly for a deep consistent smooth pattern. The compression capabilities of velvet durags are not as effective at laying the hair down, making it more difficult to achieve deep 360 waves. Velvet durags are relatively new on the 360 wave scene.

The super long ties and hand selected silk material provides an unmatched fit for excellent compression during the wolfing stage or to deepen your existing wave patterns. The material is too flexible and only those people who have soft and already compressed hair can benefit from it. Another challenge to having waves is whenever you go to sleep since your sheets and pillows can add frizz and dry out your hair. Thanks to the way hair grows out, keeping it down and from overly frizzing is a challenge. Using a durag to tie down your hair helps keep it straight, reducing the number of perms needed and keeping your hair in good shape for longer while still looking stylish. Some people prefer to straighten out their hair, but going through regular perms can damage your hair. The best place is to make sure the front edge rests between your eyebrows and hairline, completely covering up your hair. How to Choose the Best Wave Durag? However a wave durag can also be used as seamless durag if wrapped properly. Therefore, it promotes the process of wave formation. Those who want 360 waves go through a lot of brushing, but durags can help with the process.

When it comes to putting on a durag before going to bed, most of the process is the same as what we mentioned above. We’ll first go over the basic style for everyday use, and then the best method for when you want to secure 360 curls when going to bed. Braids can have the same sorts of problems that 360 waves do, such as becoming frizzy over time. This tug will make sure the durag compresses your hair, which is especially crucial if you’re using it to make 360 waves. If you wear a durag whenever you go to bed, and after your brush session, silk lined bonnet you’ll be on the right path to maintaining 360 waves. You can get waves in 1 day through soft brushing followed by a bounce-back method. Because durags can sit tight on the head, they help make your hair get used to laying flat on the head, instead of growing outwards.

Thankfully, lots of products can help with these problems, and durags can enhance the effect. We do not accept free products from any company–we only review products we love. There’s no doubt that Amazon offers the best prices for most products. If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best durag for waves is, then we recommend the Slippery Customs Velvet Durag as the best one. Which in my opinion makes all the difference and makes it one of the best choices in the market. With everything set up for success, you can pull the ties back with one on each hand. Once you’ve tied your knot into place, you want to pull on the flap, which should be hanging towards your back. Super tight knots can also make it hard to take the durag off when you’ve finished with it. Take off the durag, and you’re ready to go! From there, it’s a matter of style, so pick whatever look you like and be ready to rock it. Depending on the style of durag you pick out, and what you want to use it for, it’s possible to tie durags in a few different ways.

And that’s just one of the benefits of durags when you want this style. This doesn’t leave marks on your head when you wake up ( if you tie it a bit too hard, that’s another case). It doesn’t rip while tying. With all the benefits of wearing durags, they’re pretty versatile while also looking stylish. The sellers have openly admitted that these are not made with real silk, so it’d be better not to be angry at the sellers as they have already admitted they’re offering clothes that are made with fiber. The sellers also declare one hundred percent extraordinary money-back guarantee. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We value every customer’s happiness and satisfaction with our Veeta Silk durag. MAXIMUM COMFORT – Enjoy the form-fitting design of the Veeta Silk Durags day and night. The durable, soft velvet fabric and silky polyester lining maximize the comfort level. Velvet durags have the outside use the velvet while the inside contains a different fabric. The thing that set these satin durags apart from silky durags is the weight of the fabric.

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