The Shortest Way to Promote Your TikTok

The social network TikTok appeared not that long ago and has been gaining its popularity among the young people all over country. This has been facilitated not only by an opportunity to use TikTok as an instant messenger and a means of communication, but also by its initial task of shooting short videos and creating audio tracks with the video sequence.


1. The main task of TikTok.

1.1 How to make a video available in the recommendations feed.

1.2 The impact of high-quality video on the number of followers.

2. Ways of followers and likes boost.

2.1 Services for likes boost.

2.2 Fulfilling individual tasks for the cheat of likes.

2.3 PR

1. The main task of TikTok

The main task set by the developers of this social network is an opportunity for any follower to create his own music videos and share them online. At the same time, anyone having a page here can not only create, but also watch videos of other users, comment them, put likes, share links to other people’s videos, run online broadcasting. All these actions allow to get fans on TikTok and make the page popular.

1.1 How to make a video available in the recommendations feed

When shooting and sharing your videos, it’s worth remembering that in the privacy settings there is a corresponding item called “Allow people to find me”. If there is a tick next to it, the videos will be available for posting in the recommendations feed. It is one of the main steps to how to get more fans and likes on TikTok. After all, a lot of people will be able to watch what has been shot by a specific user. If the check mark is not there, put it.

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1.2 The impact of high-quality video on the number of followers

Of course, the bigger is the number of views of a video, the greater is the likelihood that the number of followers will grow. The quality of the video and the relevance of its subject have a special influence on it. Therefore, it is important to shoot on the topics that are very popular currently, or to use the methods and subjects used previously, this will be a guaranteed way to get TikTok fans.

But it is a rare case when a video becomes so popular that the number of followers grows like a snowball. In most cases it takes time and effort.

2. Ways of followers and likes boost

But sometimes you would like to speed up the process of promotion. After all, the number of views directly affects the likes number. And if they reach the significance level, the video immediately gets to the recommended section, thereby further increasing the potential viewers audience.

2.1 Services for likes boost

To promote your account or video, you have to get a certain number of likes, thus rising in the recommended rating. In order to speed up this process as much as possible, you can use the services that make cheat of likes, thereby expanding the circle of potential fans.

2.2 Fulfilling individual tasks for the cheat of likes

You can buy TikTok fans and likes at the specialized services. At the moment there are several services of this kind providing help with the accounts promotion, including the cheat of users number. As a rule, they work based on the principle of attracting employers and performers. If you register there as the one creating tasks, you can publish some task and pay for it. And the executor will put a like from his account, thus it will be possible to avoid cheating by bots.

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2.3 PR

The most “live” way is the one that can work best for attracting real followers. They will be your fans, not just “dead souls”.

Here’s how to gain fans on TikTok by the way communication and correspondence with the well-promoted users. Write them and leave a clear request. As a rule, the price is not too high, about 20-30 USD. But, thanks to the recommendations from already promoted and popular users, you can immediately attract up to 1000 people to your page.