Gathering Big Audience and Earnings on TikTok

The TikTok music app is gaining its popularity. It is an excellent opportunity to realize your fantasy with the help of short videos and famous music tracks. We will explain how to gain Tik Tok fans and get a profit from it in this article.


  • App features
  • How to become popular?
  • Promotion services
  • Why fans are needed
  • Monetization and earnings
  • Conclusion

App features

On TikTok you can shoot videos up to one minute long. The chosen music will be played in the background, you will get a musical by lip-syncing. Nowadays in the musical entertainment you can find many interesting ideas for videos, called trends. All users of the social network make attempts to imitate them.

How to become popular

High-quality videos, which get popular, fall into the “Recommendations”. This is a great chance to increase the number of your fans. But you have to spend a lot of time so that your musical gets to the general feed. You should pick up a song, come up with unique movements and record it on camera in good quality.

Promotion services

To simplify the long process of recruiting followers, you can use the specialized services and buy promotion for cheap. You specify the required number of fans, and in a few seconds after the payment is done, you receive a live TikTok audience. Investments pay off by the effectiveness and quick result.

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Why fans are needed

The main task on TikTok is to become popular and highlight your videos among others. This will increase the activity on your social network page. Numerous reactions to the videos in the form of thumbs up and abundant comments are a great chance to get into the TikTok recommendations.

Monetization and earnings

We have figured out how to get free fans and followers on Tik Tok or use the specialized services. Now let’s discuss the issue of earnings in the social network. This opportunity is not available for every TikTok user, but only for the active profiles with a large audience.

Regular visits to your social network page allows to advertise products or other people for the large audience. Thus you will begin to offer advertising or public relations under the videos. Hitting the recommendations with the new musicals and ads will greatly increase the reach of people. They will be interested in visiting the link, and you will make a profit.

The accounts to other social networks are tagged on TikTok redirecting the active users. This will allow you or PR customers to get new followers on Instagram, Facebook, VK or other social networks.

Fan redirection will allow to use monetization in full, but in another service. Often orders are received for PR Instagram pages or blogs on Facebook. This is a kind of funnel allowing to redirect the target audience to other people.


Can you watch Tik Tok on PC, record videos and earn money on it? Definitely, yes. The main step in implementing large-scale plans is to reach a large number of fans. Speeding up the process will allow the use of followers’ cheat at the specialized services. Thus it is more profitable to get the desired number of fans and save time on self-promotion.