TikTok Social Network

The social network appeared in 2016, although it was called Douyin then and was popular only in Asia, but after a while it was renamed and launched into the global sale services. Now the music app is used by more than 500 million users. Tik Tok Russia gained its popularity only in 2018.


  • description
  • opportunity to earn
  • specialized services
  • friends
  • mutual advertising
  • advertising in other social networks
  • high-quality content


TikTok is an app where users have an opportunity to publish short videos with the music overlay. If it was considered to be an ordinary entertainment service earlier, nowadays it has already turned into a full-fledged social network, and its popularity is growing with each day.
The creators of Tik Tok music video count every second, because the length of videos should be only 15 seconds, in some cases up to one minute.
Main features are:

  • stickers
  • filters
  • masks
  • the ability to correct the flaws of the face
  • free music
  • live streaming
  • recording the reaction to the video
  • editing

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Opportunity to earn

TikTok bloggers know perfectly well that this music app can not only brighten up a couple of boring hours, but also bring a good income. The main income comes from advertising in the videos, but for this you need to gain a large number of followers and promote your account. Experience has shown, that to start quickly and earn a lot, you have to work hard and pay a bit. Ways of promoting your TikTok account are as follows:

Specialized services

There are so many of them now, you only have to choose a good one according to the reviews and methods of work. Such companies can attract at least 1000 new followers and likes at a time to your page for a small fee. To test the service’s performance and efficiency, you can order the lowest cost package to start with, and if it pays off, continue cooperation. This is the most efficient way that will work out well in any case.


Ask all your friends and acquaintances to follow your account, so that the page is seen by more users (followers of your friends) and some of them will get interested.

Mutual advertising

This point will work well for those who already has a more or less impressive number of fans. You can offer mutual PR to the advertised pages.

Advertising in other social networks

This item includes advertising in your other blogs in VK, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Thus, you can attract truly interested followers.

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High-quality content

There is no surprise, but the high-quality content can also be counted as promotion. The more interesting your page is, the more fans it will get. For this, think carefully through every video, add new posts at least every second day, love your work and live with the ideas.
Promotion of the account is a long and hard process, which will give the proper result only with a complex approach. But after the first success, the first large stream of interested users will be able to turn pleasant entertainment into a gold mine.