Top Reasons to Use Instagram

The Instagram social network is built based on the graphic content, but users still cannot use all its features. In this article, we will explain how to post a GIF to Instagram, use Stories and conduct live streaming. Using all the features of the app will increase traffic and sales.


  • Can you post GIFs on Instagram
  • How to add a GIF
  • How to create a GIF on Instagram?
  • Audience engagement
  • Stories
  • Live
  • Conclusion

Can you post GIFs on Instagram

GIF is an animated image compressed in size without loss of quality. This function was introduced in 2017, but in a shortened format (photo files and MP-4 videos). The ability to add GIFs appealed to the users, and the developers have implemented an extensive database of animation.

How to add a GIF

GIF-stickers can significantly increase the interest and engagement of followers in the content. Users can add their favorite stickers in the sections of accessories, Emoji, peekers, effects, word art. GIF can be added to any part of the video, its size can be zoomed in and out or rotated.

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How to create a GIF on Instagram?

Boomerang allows creating your own sticker service. For this, record a video several seconds long, which, after being processed in Boomerang, will be played consistently in different directions.

Audience engagement

The Instagram social platform allows to share your unique special offers with your customers. The program allows entrepreneurs with beautiful graphic content to notify about upcoming promos, discounts, sales, content expansion, etc.


Stories is a unique feature of a social network that allows to record short videos and pin them to the account header. The user can record appeals to the followers, place ads, hold contests or just post entertaining videos.

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Instagram allows its users to have free live streaming. This feature will be useful for the bloggers, educational organizations, travel companies, etc. Basically, to all those who are ready to provide informative and interesting content in live format. Also, live streaming allows to communicate with your customers/ followers in a “question-answer” format.


Connecting advertising to a promoted account can be a powerful additional source of income. In order to achieve this, Instagram developers have created numerous useful features, the use of which does not require deep knowledge. Besides, new followers can be attracted by the targeted advertising. It will only be shown to users interested in topics similar to yours.