Why a Craftsman Needs Instagram

Craftsman is a person who loves creating things with his own hands. Instagram for these people is a field for self-expression. Do you like to sew, draw, knit or make felt boots? Sign up for one of the most popular social networks. Why? Below you will learn more about it.


  • Using Instagram for handmade
  • Benefits of Instagram
  • How to use Instagram
  • Conclusion

Using Instagram for handmade

A few years ago, handmade lovers were looking for buyers through friends and acquaintances. Then came the sites and blog platforms. “LiveJournal” is still used by craftsmen to show their products to the potential buyers. But the glory of this platform is gone. Today Instagram came on the first place. Thanks to its concentration on visual content, the service is ideal for posting handicrafts. Due to this, there are many manufacturers:

  • Leather goods
  • Knitted goods
  • Jewelry

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Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is a platform with many advantages. Among them it is worth mentioning:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple and easy way of promotion
  • Increased chances of finding customers

To use this social network you do not need to know web design and programming. The only thing you need to learn is creation of beautiful photos. And then 8000 likes for Instagram are guaranteed. The better the content of your blog, the more customers you can find. The platform is great for craftsmen.

How to use Instagram

Instagram is designed as a mobile platform, so one does not need a computer to use it. It is enough to have a smartphone with a more or less good camera. But if you want to edit a photo on a computer, you can easily do it, and then publish a post on your blog.

If you are engaged in various types of crafting, then you can start several blogs for each type of activity. One for decoupage, the other one for scrapbooking, the third one for leather goods, etc. On the one hand, it will help followers view the content conveniently. On the other hand, it is believed that highly specialized blogs are easier to promote.

If you want to not only show off your crafts, but also to sell them, then change your account to a business one. This is done for free, but it allows your followers to see a “Contact now” button which they will use to place an order. Business accounts have a few more features that a blog owner can use for its own purposes. All of them can be obtained by linking your Instagram page to Facebook.

If you already have your own store, then a business account will allow to specify its address that will be seen by the followers. If there is no store, then just indicate the country where you live. To get more likes than views Instagram, post beautiful content.

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Would you like to monetize your hobby? The best option is to create a blog on Instagram and fill it with photos of handicrafts. If they have a zest and look beautiful, then you will definitely find those who want to buy them from you. Many hand-makers already use the power of this social network. Now it’s your turn!