Why and How to Become Popular on Instagram

Any account (even developing independently and containing the most useful information for the followers) will need additional support. Plus, one can never know exactly where the attraction of the new interested readers will come from. Based on the above, we can conclude: the more “likes” on Instagram content, the more people will learn about the Instagram account.


  • Why audience is so important on Instagram
  • Rating functionality on Instagram
  • How to understand your followers
  • Life hacks for Instagrammers: managing popularity

Why audience is so important on Instagram

Likes in the social network Instagram are an indicator of the interest of the “viewers” in your work. To express the cultural surprise and admiration for a beautiful photo, an interesting idea, it is sometimes enough to put a “like”. Undoubtedly, every talented, developing personalities have their admirers, fans, but it never hurts to buy 25 Instagram likes or get likes on Instagram iPhone.

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Rating functionality on Instagram

Those who advertise their services, products, or simply promote themselves as individuals, should strive to get more approval from the readers (viewers, followers), expressed in likes. They will help attract new customers, associates, partners to one’s personality or business, determine the real needs and likes of the visitors of the Instagram page, or simply increase the target audience, and this way also your rating and satisfaction with your work.

How to understand your followers

In case of promotion of a page selling goods and services in this social network, the presence of “likes” or their increase on the one hand encourages users to view a popular photo, on the other they leave a positive response in the form of another “like” (if they really liked the content). By this number you can understand which product is in higher demand.

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Life hacks for Instagrammers: managing popularity

You can make your photos more productive by implementing a few simple life hacks. First of all, if you are worried about the popularity of your account, add more useful information about yourself. Since not only the content itself is important, but also the regularity of its release, the unwritten rule applies: the more often the photos are published, the better. In addition to a large number of positive ratings and comments, geolocation tags can be added to your photos. However, remember that it is unwise to overload your followers with the large amount of textual and visual information.

Another simple life hack for the popularization of picture is as follows: when writing texts for the posts, make the text readable. For this, divide the narrative into several paragraphs.

Do not forget to use the basic principles of creating and promoting a successful Instagram account listed above. Remember to create your own rules. Creativity and being attentive to the details will make you even more popular!